Sunday, 5 February 2012

Feb 5 Further thoughts on snow

I don't really understand why the overnight snow produced so many new arrivals here. John Yardley has told me that there was next to nothing on the flashes yesterday, but my experience of last winter was similar. The site remained essentially iced over, the only unfrozen area being the field between the two flash pools, where I assume the spring bubbles up. Perhaps the damp patches are more obvious from the air.


 My poor quality photographs continued with shots of the Ruff and the Pintail. The year list has had a bit of a boost, and now stands at 66.

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  1. Thats some interesting cold weather movement Richard. Those flashes certainly seem to attract the birds.

    I've only been to Morton Bagot once and that was a couple of years back when the Great Grey Shrike was there but I must admit it looked an interesting location