Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday 17th Feb

I got a call at work from Mike Inskip, who was making his first visit to Morton Bagot this year. His most interesting news (to me) was the discovery of a Little Owl. This species was , like Curlew, a nailed-on year-tick until 2011 when they seemingly abandoned the patch. I was aware that the species has been in a mysterious decline nationally and I had just about accepted that it could be lost to the area. Clearly, I was too pessimistic. Mike also saw a Curlew, a Dunlin, and 155 Teal.

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  1. Same here at Lutley Richard, Little Owl was a cert here up until a few years ago, we probably had 2 pairs on the patch then they just disappeared. I thought the same, another local extinction, then after a no show for several years i found 1 in Sept 2010, back from the dead! Last year 2011 no sign again so not looking good i think for this species locally! Maybe loss of nest sites or something more sinister, farmland pesticide build up? I remember finding a dead adult in a nest box we monitored in Worcs back in the 1990's no obvious cause, i wonder whats going on with them?