Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday June 6

This evening I decided to start late and stay well after dusk. As I walked down to the main pool a familiar trill told me that a Little Grebe had taken up residence for the first time this year.

Little Grebe
This species formerly bred each year, but has not done so since the water level in the pool had dropped. Hopefully it may attract a mate as it may not be too late for another attempt. Further surprises came in the form of a juvenile Cormorant roosting in the dead tree at the end of the pool, and a Peregrine roosting on one of the masts. As the light faded both Tawny and Little Owls were seen, and Roe Deer barked from Bannams Wood. The night was warm enough to encourage moths to fly, and in particular a curious large white moth, many of which danced above the long grass like little kites on a line of thread. They wouldn't settle and I have no idea what species they were. The peace of the evening was slightly spoilt by the sound system of an open air concert, the noise of which drifted over from Studley or Redditch, but it was still a wonderful place to be.


  1. Hi Richard,
    Sounds like ♂ Ghost moths to me, they perform a 'lekking' flight over grassland and meadows at dusk in early June to attract a ♀. I've trapped this species of moth in my garden but never seen the lekking flight, maybe i should have a look at Lutley! There's a link to a good bit of footage from you tube here :-
    All best

    1. Hi Craig

      I think you've cracked it. I've seen them before here and wondered what they are. The Moths of Warwickshire (David Brown) suggests they are reasonably widespread in Warks.

      Thanks very much