Thursday, 10 July 2014

You couldn't make it up !

After a lousy day at work a stroll around the patch was just what I needed. A calm sunny evening. I parked at Netherstead and walked to the flash. The flash was just wet mud, and contained an invisible calling Green Sandpiper. The invisibility continued as I at last pulled back Kingfisher, heard only, and also heard the invisible Redstart again.

As I returned to Netherstead it occurred to me I hadn't photographed anything. The moon was showing well so I decided to aim at it and photograph the first bird flying past it. Ten seconds later something did. Click.

I looked through my bins to see what it was. It was a Little Egret. Good grief.

Getting closer
It flew languidly towards me. I thought about looking at it again but the photo opportunity was too good to miss.

85. Little Egret
For some reason it was flying with its bill open. Cooling down I suppose.

Into the sunset
It continued its westerly journey as a silhouette heading for the bright lights of Redditch.

Oh, and I found my mobile phone....on the back lawn.

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