Thursday, 20 November 2014

Thursday November 20

A slightly late start on a morning that began sunny, but became cloudy. A very light south-easterly breeze.

I had the bit between my teeth regarding this flippin' photo-year list. Currently on 99 species I decided to concentrate on the road and village because most of the "easy" species I am missing are small woodland passerines.

Target 1 was Goldcrest. I saw about six today, and yes I did photograph one, but the image was sufficiently blurred that it failed even my relaxed attitude to quality control.

Target 2 was Treecreeper. I saw two, but neither came close to getting photographed.

Target 3 was Coal Tit. I didn't even hear one.

That was about it I'm afraid. I saw plenty of Redwings and Fieldfares, and when I did venture into more traditional patch areas, one Stonechat, 18 Teal, and two Green Sandpipers.

The forecast for the weekend is more rain and no year-ticks.

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