Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday March 8

After a lovely spring day yesterday, when I didn't go birding, today was grey, and rather cold. The wind was technically south-westerly, but it didn't feel it.

My one success this morning happened pretty soon after I had got there. An adult, probably male, Peregrine, flew by and became the 70th species here this year. I was too slow with the camera I'm afraid.

Dave arrived shortly afterwards, and we set off on a circuit. There were precious few signs of spring in evidence, four Goldcrests included one singing at the south end, the Stonechats seem to have moved on, but Redwings and Starlings have increased, about 50 of each, plus a few Fieldfares.

At the flashes we counted 41 Teal, a Green Sandpiper, 24 Canada Geese, three Mute Swans, and a couple of Greylag Geese. Also, the best indication of spring we could come up with was the presence of a small swirling party of 17 Lapwings, probably the birds which will soon be setting up territory.

 As we returned, the weather got steadily worse, and eventually we suffered a light drizzle. Despite this I persuaded Dave we should a look at the south end. This produced very little, the highlight being a flock of about 40 Linnets.

Not a Twite in sight
What else can I tell you about? Back at home the local Blackcaps have started singing. These are actually winter visitors and will soon be heading back to central Europe before the British Blackcaps arrive from North Africa. One of these Euro Blackcaps posed nicely on our garden feeder in the week.

Sadly, wintering Blackcaps are almost unknown at Morton Bagot.

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