Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wednesday June 3

So here we are then, flaming June. I did a quick dash around the patch this evening, stopping to chat to photographer supreme, Mike Lane. He told me this was his favourite time of year because of the opportunity it afforded him to photograph birds on or near the nest.

I wished I could agree, but with my preference for trying to winkle out migrants, the scarcer the better, June is a month of treading water. Spring is over, autumn is yet to begin.

This evening was pretty typical. I can't show you my best photograph, in case the blighters are planning to breed. Instead you'll have to make do with a rather nice tree.

The Canada Geese at the flashes (and possibly the cows) could see something they didn't like the look of, probably a fox or a badger, but it remained hidden.

The best I could do, rarity-wise, was a rubbish photograph of the Shelducks which have returned to the distant flash.


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