Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday July 12

The mid-July doldrums continue at Morton Bagot. This morning started cloudy with the odd sunny period and then went downhill as increasingly frequent and heavy showers drenched us.

Not good for insects then. We did see an immature Roesel's Bush Cricket, but other than that just a handful of butterflies and damselflies.

As for birds, the Green Sandpipers were back, four being logged. The highlight, if it can be called that, was a Shelduck on the nearest flash.

Adult Shelduck
Another possible candidate for bird of the day was a distant Sand Martin. It was that bad. Swift numbers remain comparatively high, with 35 counted, while there is a noticeable accumulation of Goldfinches in the field behind the pool, at least 50 estimated. Lesser Whitethroats have bred, there was an adult and at least two recently fledged youngsters, and both Reed and Sedge Warblers continue to sing.

We need a lot of rain. Preferably on days we are not birding.

PS I almost forgot. On the drive along the track, a Weasel ran across the road behind Dave's car, but in front of mine. I have seen Stoat here before, but I think Weasel is a first.

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