Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday April 7

I had arranged to take Richard L and Richard B around the patch today. This meant a slightly later start, but we had got our act together by 10.00am. It was a cloudy morning and slightly cool, but with barely a breathe of wind.

The conditions meant that there weren't very many birds singing, but one I had been hoping for did manage a single song phrase before resuming its silence. I refer to a Willow Warbler.  One or two Chiffchaffs and a single Blackcap also gave away their presence in this way.

The main activity took place at the flash field where we got the first sighting of the year of the Little Owl.

Little Owl
To my surprise, the Black-tailed Godwit was still present, although it was on the furthest flash. Also present were a handful of Teal, Lapwings, two Green Sandpipers, Redshank, and two Little Ringed Plovers. A Fieldfare called as it flew off.

Turning round to look at a Raven on some pylons, beyond it we spotted a Buzzard and what was probably a Red Kite, but they were so far away I wasn't 100% certain. I had been scanning all the likely looking fields for a Wheatear to the amusement of my friends, but I had the last laugh when I spotted one in the main ploughed field.

Not the closest view I've ever had.

The best thing of all was that all the Richard's enjoyed themselves.

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